Community Life at First.

Our prayer for you is that you find a group where you connect and grow into the person God designed you to be.  The mission of our church is simple; we are a Jesus First church helping people live Jesus First lives! Jesus First isn’t something that happens in a moment, but it does happen over time within the context of life-giving relationships. Community Life is where those relationships are created and developed, while also allowing you to feel connected to and a part of the mission.

Our hope for you is to discover friendships like you have never known before. Friendships with people who know the real you, aren’t ashamed of or impressed with you, but who care for you deeply and stand with you through life’s greatest joys and sorrows. It may take a few tries in a few different groups before you figure out who those people are, so don’t give up on the process. Please join us this Fall, as we have fun together, grow together, and experience the best part of church together!

Josh Hall,
Lead Pastor