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We are about one thing here at Spokane First, to help people live Jesus First lives. Making disciples is our mission and everything we do is dedicated to that end.

What is a Disciple?

Discipleship is all about following Jesus and growing to become more like Him so we can show His love to others. We are passionate about transformative discipleship, finding freedom in Christ to live as He intended for the sake of the world. A disciple is a person who prioritizes Jesus, lives in close proximity to Jesus, practices the way of Jesus, and is progressing towards living the life of Jesus.

How do we Make Disciples?

Here at Spokane First we like to say, “Everything we do is formational.” Our framework for making disciples is four fold:
Knowledge - Getting the right ideas about God, ourselves, and others.
Disciplines - Being doers of the Word not just hearers.
Community - Forging meaningful, close knit, covenantal relationships.
Presence - Learning to live with Jesus all day long.

Why Does Discipleship Matter?

Discipleship is where the world is RENEWED and God is RENOWNED. Discipleship is where healing happens. Discipleship to Jesus is where marriages are restored, conflicts are resolved, and justice flows freely through the power of the Holy Spirit. The greatest gift we could ever give the world is a fully formed follower of Jesus.

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